Will Kate & William Share Parental Leave?

Did you know that new rules come into force on April 5 that promise greater flexibility for parents of new babies?

Shared parental leave (SPL) is designed to encourage couples to take a more flexible view of parental leave during your baby’s first year, encouraging more dads to take time off to look after your new born, and more mums to return to work.

Parents will be allowed to split up to 50 weeks off work after you have a baby, or adopt.

Mums will take the first two weeks as compulsory maternity leave, but after that you can transfer or share the remaining allowance.

This only applies if both parents work – so it won’t be relevant if you don’t have a paid job (which applies to many new mums, according to official figures).

Dads will still be entitled to two weeks’ paternity leave, but additional paternity leave will be replaced by shared parental leave.

If you want to take advantage of SPL, you must give your employer 8 weeks’ notice of your intention to take leave.

Parents will be restricted to three blocks of time off during the leave period so, for example, you can’t take six short blocks over the year without consent from your employer.

If you prefer, parents can take 25 weeks off at the same time to spend time together as a family.

A woman on maternity leave can still go into work for up to ten days for “keep in touch” days, and there are 20 days for each parent on shared leave.

No doubt Kate and William will enjoy sharing all the responsibilities of being new parents when their second child is born later this month…

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