Why Do I Need a Will as a Business Owner?

If you own all or part of a business, you should have a will. If you die and do not have a will, your shares could be sold, the business could be broken up or it could fall apart due to mismanagement. All of your property (both personal and business assets) will be distributed under the laws of intestacy – and your loved ones will have no say where they end up.

Anyone over the age of 18 (and of sound mind) can make a will. It should include instructions in relation to your money (including pensions, insurance policies and shareholdings), property and possessions, together with details of your beneficiaries and executor(s). If you do not make a valid will and no beneficiary can be found, all your assets will go to the Treasury. Is that where you want you business to end up?

If you run a business, it is particularly advisable to seek professional help in writing a will. For example, if you are a shareholder and die unexpectantly, your shares and therefore a majority of the business would be subject to intestacy rules. If shares are split between your spouse and children, the children may not be old enough to make business decisions.

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