Tickets, Passport, Luggage and flight delays!!

Unless you plan to follow in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and travel solely by land and sea, your summer holiday will inevitably mean taking a flight. While the majority of travellers jet off on their holidays without a hitch, what happens when things don’t run so smoothly? Airlines are tightly regulated so it’s worth knowing where you stand – understanding your rights could even mean you end up with an extra couple of hundred quid in your travel kitty!

The rules and regulations outlined below apply to flights from the EU or on any EU airline worldwide. However, similar regulations may be in place in other parts of the world.

What are you entitled to claim back if your flight is delayed?

You can consider yourself very fortunate if you make it all the way to the beach without a hold up – the odd delay here and there is an almost inevitable part of flight travel. While there are lots of things you can do to make the best of any hanging around in airports, such as travelling with a kindle, ipod and journal, there are also various things the airline is obligated to do if your flight is delayed:

If you reach your destination 3 hours or more after the scheduled arrival time, you’re due compensation of between €250- €600 (depending on the flight distance involved) although this doesn’t apply if the delay was due to events beyond the airline’s control.

If your flight is delayed for between 2-4 hours (depending on distance of flight) all passengers are entitled to meals and refreshments, two phone calls, faxes or emails.

If your flight is delayed overnight, hotel accommodation and necessary transfers must be provided.

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