Property, Boundary & Rights of Way Disputes

Whether your property is residential or commercial, it is vital to know the position of boundaries, extent of access rights and any rights others may have over the land before purchase.

Disputes are often distressing as relationships are likely to have broken down, yet the parties are compelled to continue living or working in close proximity.  The monetary cost of taking such disputes through the Court system is often disproportionate to the financial (not personal) value of the piece of land or access in question.

Boundary disputes can arise in many ways; a fence adjusted or erected without consultation, overhanging vegetation/house extensions or interference with boundary features.

Rights of way may be recorded in writing or acquired through other means such as long usage. Disputes arise over matters including the existence of the right, the route, the use permitted and maintenance, in particular where the right is not defined in clear terms by the title documentation. Shared driveways and common access paths are a frequent cause of problems.

The courts have given clear warnings about the need to consider alternative means of resolving disputes of this nature. It is sensible to try and resolve the matter on an amicable footing given the parties will remain neighbours at least in the interim. If that doesn’t work, other avenues can be explored such as negotiation between solicitors, the involvement of an independent surveyor or mediation. These methods are more flexible, often quicker, cheaper and less confrontational than the long, drawn out court process.

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