Presents and a Pre Nup

“Prenups” or prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common in the UK. When drawn up correctly, these agreements are likely to be upheld by the court. In the absence of an agreement, the court will apply the law on financial remedies on divorce or dissolution and this process can be more complicated, lengthy and expensive.

Some may assume that if their fiancé(e) asks for a prenuptial agreement, this indicates a level of mistrust, but the landscape is now changing. Nowadays, many people have built up personal or business assets before marriage, or are entering into a second marriage, so a prenup is simply a protective measure. It can even be seen as an opportunity for a couple to create a long-term financial plan for their life together and think about what they want to achieve throughout their marriage. Further, prenups can allow family businesses to continue to succeed in the event that there is a divorce in the family.

Prenuptial agreements are not exclusive to the ultra-wealthy, although there will usually be some assets that require consideration. If one partner has fewer assets than the other, it can be helpful for them to protect their position in the event that the marriage does break down. This can avoid complications in the future.

It’s also recommended that prenups are reviewed following marriage and periodically throughout the marriage. The agreement can be varied to take into account changes of circumstances, such as the birth of children or inheritance. Postnuptial agreements are important, because they will ensure that any decisions you make as a couple reflect your up to date circumstances. At Law-Match we can assist you in dealing with entering into a prenuptial agreement and any necessary reviews by way of a postnuptial agreement.

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