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Leases and Extending Them

If you’re currently buying a flat you might be familiar with the terms ‘leasehold’ and ‘freehold’ but might not know what the difference may mean f... Read More

Lasting Power Of Attorney

ABOUT LPAs A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal tool that allows you to appoint someone to make certain decisions on your behalf. The appointed person can manage yo... Read More

Social Media – You and the law

Whether you twitter, blog or are simply just LinkedIn, you could be prosecuted under many different provisions which may apply and also the Communications Act 2003. So,... Read More

Air 'Fair' Compensation

Regularly travelling by air is now an ordinary part of many people’s lives. Visiting relatives in America, a City break to Barcelona, or a business trip to Frankfurt. In f... Read More

Bad Neighbours…

Neighbour disputes are unfortunately becoming more common as there are so many types of issues that can arise which are increasingly becoming the result of legal disputes. Som... Read More

Bond, Jane Bond!

News reports emerged in May that Gillian Anderson has put herself into the running to be the next James Bond. Among the more serious ‘#NextBond’ sugge... Read More

Cohabiting Couples, a step forward?

Just one in four unmarried couples who move in together see it as a natural step towards getting married, a survey has revealed. A fifth of couples who cohabit do so merely to... Read More

Presents and a Pre Nup

“Prenups” or prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common in the UK. When drawn up correctly, these agreements are likely to be upheld by the court. In the... Read More

Landlords’ Right to Rent

Landlords’ Right to Rent check obligations – mind the data protection, equality and criminal sanctions traps The Home Office announced on 20 October 2015 that f... Read More

Know your rights…!

The new Consumer Rights Act came in to force on October 1st 2015, and for the first time shoppers who buy faulty goods will be entitled to a full refund for up to 30 days after... Read More

Holiday blues, the return to routine

Parents all over the UK will be breathing a collective sigh of relief this week as the six or seven (or eight and even nine) week summer holiday draws to a close and our little... Read More

Last Wills – Last Laughs

Wills come in all shapes and sizes and many contain certain conditions, oddities and even vengefulness. The last will and testament of Edith of Walsall included £50,0... Read More

Is it Friday yet…?!!!!

It’s a likely situation you’ll find yourself in at some point in your career: fed up of your job and seeing no other option than to storm out of the door and throw y... Read More