Other Types of Injury

Injuries from animals
Whether it’s a pet dog, a goat at an urban farm or a camel at the zoo, if an animal inflicts injury on you or a family member talk to a lawyer and take advantage of a free initial consultation with a solicitor through Lawmatch. Owners and handlers have a duty to protect others from the damage their animals can inflict and may be liable to pay compensation for any physical or psychological injury suffered. If you are the owner of an animal which has caused damage or injury we would urge you to take advantage of our free legal consultation as soon as possible.

Injury caused by defective products and unskilled practitioners
If you’ve suffered harm from any sort of defective item such as; an electric appliance, piece of furniture, food or drink item or tobacco product, then it’s worth taking the advice of a solicitor through Lawmatch. Our solicitors can also help you claim compensation against hairdressers and beauty salons for everything from scalp burn, hair dyes and perms that went wrong and injuries caused by faulty equipment or lack of training including; scalding by wax, laser burns, scaring and hair loss.

Environmental contamination
If you or a family member has suffered illness or poisoning as a result of exposure to any type of environmental contamination, you may be able to make an environmental health claim. Lawmatch solicitors deal with claims for water supply contamination, Legionnaire’s disease and exposure to dust or fumes.

Whether it’s a disaster involving an airplane, train or boat, if you or any family members were involved then it’s a good idea to take free initial legal advice from a specialist solicitor through Lawmatch. Advice will be given to both passengers and crew members on all types of rail, maritime and aviation claims including international airliner disasters, business and private jet, light aircraft, helicopter, military aircraft accidents as well as injury or accident on board a cruise ship or other vessel. 

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