Neglect, Abuse or Criminal Injury

Neglect of the elderly comes in many guises, including substandard care as well as physical, sexual, psychological and financial abuse. If you or a vulnerable relative has suffered in any of these ways in a nursing home, care home, hospital or hospice, a Lawmatch solicitor can help with formal complaints to the home or hospital in question and to the Care Quality Commission. In tragic cases where a vulnerable person has died as a result of neglect, they can also assist with the inquest to find out what went wrong

If you or a family member has suffered physical, psychological or sexual abuse, whether as a child or as an adult, a Lawmatch personal injury solicitor who specialises in this area can advise you on claiming compensation from your attacker or an organisation or person that failed to protect you from the abuse.

Criminal Injury
Victims of criminal attacks who have been left with physical and/or psychological damage may be able to claim compensation and get the support that they need to recover from the experience if they contact a solicitor through Lawmatch. Even if the attacker has not been identified, caught or convicted a specialist in criminal injury claims will discuss your options, which may include making a claim through The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). 

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