Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is suffered by both men and women and can be inflicted by a husband or wife, family member, civil partner, cohabitee or even someone who doesn’t live in the same household as you do. It can take on many forms, including physical, sexual, psychological, emotional and financial abuse. If you or a member of your family is in this situation, you would benefit from the advice of a solicitor who specialises in this area through Lawmatch. At your initial free consultation they can assess your eligibility for Public Funding (Legal Aid) and offer advice on how to:

  • Apply for a Non-Molestation Order (injunction) that can protect against violence or threats of violence
  • Apply for an Occupation Order, which can force a person to leave a property and order them not to return or go within a certain distance of it
  • Put together any evidence of abuse, such as taking photographs of any injuries and notifying your doctor as soon as possible
  • Provide information on longer-term issues, such as divorce or separation
  • Transfer the tenancy of the family home
  • Arrange contact with children
  • Deal with homelessness issues
  • Bring a civil claim for injury and suffering 
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