Disputed Wills, Contested Probate & Inheritance Dispute

If you or a member of your family has any type of inheritance dispute, including the contesting of a will, it’s worth taking legal advice from a solicitor through Lawmatch who can help when:

  • You believe the deceased should have made additional provision for you
  • The deceased had made promises to you whether in writing or orally
  • Someone is claiming that the deceased should have made additional provision for them
  • You consider that the deceased did not have the appropriate mental capacity when they made the will
  • You believe that the deceased was coerced into making the will against their will
  • There is a dispute between, or with, executors or trustees
  • The will was not correctly signed according to the correct legal formalities
  • There is a factual error in the will
  • The will has been lost
  • There are Inheritance Act or maintenance claims
  • You think you have a claim against professional advisors
  • There has been a breach of trust
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