Last Wills – Last Laughs

Wills come in all shapes and sizes and many contain certain conditions, oddities and even vengefulness.

The last will and testament of Edith of Walsall included £50,000 to each of her children, Roger, Helen and Patricia. Their inheritance was not to be spent on ‘slow horses and fast women and only a very small amount on booze’.

One cat-loving lady left her whole house to be used to provide for her cat. The lady’s funeral was to be held on a clear summer’s day, and her cat was sunning itself lazily on the drive outside when sadly it was run over by the hearse.

One man left his employer one shilling to buy a book on manners.

One well-meaning will-maker gave a legacy to ‘The Royal Society for the Prevention of Birds’…. By bizarre coincidence, Frank Clifford’s last will and testament included a legacy to the ‘Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals’.?

Anthony Scott, in his last will and testament wrote: ‘To my first wife Sue, whom I always promised to mention in my will. Hello Sue!’

Now it’s your turn:

These examples are funny but you can see what can happen if they’re not drafted correctly – or not drafted at all….. Thousands of people die each year without having left a will and in many cases, the State will benefit while their families and friends lose out.

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