10 Interesting Facts About Civil Partnerships in the UK

  1. More women are now entering into civil partnerships than men. In the most recent year for which we have figures (2013) 53% of civil partnerships were female. In Wales, that figure was 65%.
  2. The total number of civil partnerships per year is falling. 2013 saw the lowest number of civil partnerships since their introduction, 12% down on the previous year and less than half of the number in 2006 when civil partnerships were first introduced.
  3. Men are much less likely to enter into civil partnerships than they were in the past. From 19,292 in 2006, the number of men entering into civil partnerships has fallen consistently over the years to 5,872 in 2013, less than one third of its peak.
  4. On the other hand, the number of women getting civil partnerships has remained fairly constant at around 6,500 per year for the past seven years.
  5. The most popular place for a civil partnership ceremony in 2013 was Brighton (maybe not so surprising a fact). However, for men the most popular venue was Westminster.
  6. The least popular place in 2013 was Shetland (the only local authority in the UK not to celebrate at least one civil partnership).
  7. London was more than twice as popular a venue for men than it was for women (2,008 men had their ceremony there, compared to just 982 women).
  8. People enter into civil partnerships at an average older age than those marrying: 41 and 38 for men and women in civil partnerships vs 37 and 34 for men and women marrying.
  9. 74% of couples entering into a civil partnership were doing so for the first time, compared to 67% of married couples. However, this figure was much higher for men forming a civil partnership (81%) than it was for women (68%).
  10. August is the most popular month for having a civil partnership (845 ceremonies in 2013). January is the least popular (235 ceremonies).

All data sourced from ONS Civil Partnership Statistics, United Kingdom, 2013.
This data does not include same sex couples who have married, or converted their civil partnership into a marriage, by virtue of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.

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