Home Improvements, Delays and Consumer Rights

Problems with traders

When you hire a trader for any home improvements, from new lights to a loft conversion, you’re trusting them to do a good job for the price agreed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out, and you may find that the end result isn’t up to your reasonable expectations. Disputes over money agreed, time taken and standards achieved can be difficult to resolve.
You may have certain rights in law when instructing traders to do any work on your home.

Your consumer rights with a trader

Whether you’re having a new kitchen fitted, a conservatory built or a new boiler installed, the law gives you the right to have the job carried out with reasonable care and skill.
If the job isn’t up to scratch, it’s usually best to give the trader the chance to put things right but if they refuse, you may not be able to claim the cost of a third party coming in and fixing the problem. 

Dealing with trader delays

In most cases, you will agree a start and/or completion date with the trader or a trader may give you their standard terms, which will probably set out the timeframes for finishing the work.
Even if you haven’t agreed a start or finish date, under the Supply of Goods and Services Act, the trader must carry out the service ‘within a reasonable time’.

Knowing what is considered reasonable when faced with delays or interruptions to a job is difficult. So, if work is dragging on, you haven’t seen the contractors or trader for weeks or they keep disappearing to carry out work elsewhere, we can help.

Our lawyers and specialist advisers can answer all your consumer rights questions about employing traders to provide a service, and provide legal advice on how to solve problems when things go wrong. This includes what to do when:

  • the work is late starting or over-runs the agreed completion date
  • the work is of a poor quality or hasn’t been done
  • the final bill for the work is much higher than estimated or agreed
  • your property or belongings are damaged by the trader
  • you’re left with a large pile of rubbish cluttering up your garden, drive or, worse, the pavement outside your house
  • you need to take your dispute to the small claims court

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