Advice When Finding a Property Lawyer

Even if you’re Mario Balotelli looking for a property in Liverpool or Tom Cruise searching for a property in London, relocating and buying property can be stressful and finding the right solicitor can feel like mission impossible.

The legal process of buying and selling property is called conveyancing but with literally thousands of solicitors to choose from how do you find the right one to handle your conveyance?

Mario Balotelli will have considered his options carefully before making the decision to move to Liverpool, but with the prospect of what was on offer he probably didn’t spend too much time considering a solicitor to handle his conveyancing before signing his contract. Before you start to view potential properties consider who you will instruct to handle your conveyance as once you submit an offer the estate agent will want to begin proceedings straight away and for this you will require the details of your solicitor. Even if you cope with pressure like Tom Cruise, take your time to research and get quotes from several different law firms prior to attending viewings to avoid having to make this major decision without careful thought in a rush to secure your dream home.

Costs for conveyancing can vary considerably. Like Liverpool Football Club did when making their offer to Balotelli, when comparing solicitors, think about value for money, the cheapest deal might not be the best.

Solicitors should be comfortable discussing the costs of their services. Before you instruct a solicitor make sure that you ask plenty of questions to be sure that you understand what services the firm is offering and what’s included and/or not included in the cost they quote.

You’ll find lots of advice on choosing solicitors and handling sales across the internet but buying and selling property is always likely to be a stressful undertaking. Law-Match has the solution; Law-Match is a service which simplifies the process of finding and selecting a trustworthy, recommended solicitor for your conveyance.

Law-Match provides access at over 120 national locations to different lawyers, who are members of the Legal 500. This provides a benchmark of quality so you can choose which firm to deal with, depending on the specific services and expertise offered, the location of the firm and the fees charged.

Not only does Law-Match provide access to these lawyers, but it also offers an initial consultation at no charge. This means you can explore your options and make informed decisions about a future course of action, without incurring costs from the off.

If you decide to take things forward and instruct further work, you will also benefit from discounted fees. When it comes to selecting a lawyer, Law-Match puts the emphasis on service and choice, rather than cost. Law-Match provides a trusted recommendation service that will ensure you are dealing with a firm that can truly cater for your needs.

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